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    Acne scars - Listen to your skin

    Acne scars - Listen to your skin

    Among the skin-related diseases, acne is considered the most common disorder. Statistics from the International Skin Institute show that about 40-55% of adults (20-40 years old) have low-grade, persistent acne and oily skin. In our country, acne mainly occurs in adolescents 16-18 years old (accounting for 85%) and 50-60% of ages 19-25 are affected by this disease, according to statistics of the skin industry. Vietnamese willow. If not treated promptly, it will easily cause acne scars.

    Language of the skin

    The skin always has its own voice through firmness, brightness, smoothness and at the same time shows the inner health, however, not everyone can understand the "language of the skin. As you know, the skin's natural barrier is called the "microbiome", which is made up of an ecosystem of tiny organisms such as fungi, bacteria, etc., residing inside the skin. To have a beautiful skin, the "microbiome" must be stable, that is, the balanced microbiome and strong immunity can protect itself, inhibit the activity of acne-causing bacteria, as well as resist disruptions. small during the natural development of the skin.

    Acne is caused by two factors exogenous and endogenous. Endogenous factors will be due to hormones, stress, improper diet, lack of sleep, genetics and the accumulation of toxins in the body. As for the exogenous factors, it will be due to the polluted environment, climate and cosmetics that do not have the same "language" with your skin.

    Acne scars - a woman's nightmare

    When it comes to acne scars, surely no girl will not shiver because this is a nightmare that everyone has to go through in life. Women often joke that acne goes away but always leaves scars on the skin as "inheritance". These acne scars will make women always hide their faces and lack confidence in life. Currently, with developed technology, there are always cosmetic measures to support scars, sharpen scars, remove scars with advanced tools and techniques, but with high cost and complexity. On the other hand, the fact that girls choose to use topical gels is very popular because of their ease of use and reasonable price. However, to achieve the best results, we should choose products that contain well-known ingredients such as: Allatoin, Allium Cepa (Onion Extract), Hydrolyzed Collagen, Panthenol & Sodium Hyluronate.

    The key to decoding the "language" of the skin comes from the United States

    Orlavi Scargel is a gel product that supports scar treatment produced by Naturelplex factory in the US, with a golden formula to fade scars with natural ingredients such as Allatoin, Allium Cepa (Onion Extract), Hydrolyzed Collagen. , Panthenol & Sodium Hyuluranate to help nourish and provide essential nutrients to the skin. The optimal formula is trusted by American doctors, helping to fade scars, reduce dark spots and help brighten skin.

    For women, no one is unaware of the famous natural Allatoin active ingredient that has a healing effect, based on the mechanism of increasing stimulation and cell growth rate, thinning the horny layer to help scars. soft and smooth. There are also Onion Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Sodium Hyuluranate to help provide moisturizing nutrients, reduce dark spots, balance collagen and skin color, make skin smooth and elastic.

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